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Aquifer Information

  • What is an Aquifer and why should we protect it?
  • Missoula Aquifer Information
  • GIS Mapping of the Target Range Sewer and Water District

Well Information

  • Wat is well and what is it source of water?
  • What types of wells are there?
  • How good is the water from the well?
  • How many wells can our Aquifer supply?

Septic Systems Information

  • What is a septic system and how does it works?
  • What types of septic systems are available?
  • What size of septic system should I have?

Other Drainage Information

  • What does Other Drainage refer to?
  • What is a French Well and how does it function?
  • What other types of drains are there?

Target Range Sewer and Water District

  • Board Members